Heart of Venice

 A half day private tour to discover Saint Mark and Rialto, the key sites in the heart of Venice



View from the Rialto Bridge


The Rialto fish market


The church of Santa Maria dei Frari




A perfect introduction to Venice, this walking tour will take you to the main attractions of this incredible city. The itinerary for this sightseeing tour will be the following:


  • Saint Mark’s square – The true center of Venice and the only real piazza (square) since all the other squares are called campi

  • Saint Mark’s basilica - The most important church in Venice, perfect example of Byzantine architecture in the Western world. Inside you will visit many treasures including the astonishing mosaics decoration dating back to the XI century

  • A short walk through the lovely narrow streets will lead you to Rialto bridge, the true heart of Venice, with rows of shops on each side. The bridge has a nice view on the Canal Grande and is a perfect spot for picturing gondolas passing by.

  • After crossing the bridge, you will reach the Rialto fish market. A lively market where every morning locals come to buy fresh fish and seafood coming from the Adriatic sea

  • With a walk through the maze of narrow streets bordered by the typical canals you will reach the basilica of Santa Maria dei Frari. This beautiful church is famous for wonderful pieces of arts among which the Assunta altarpiece by Titian



Type of tour: walking tour

Duration: 3 hours



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